Q. I just moved into the area. How can I transfer my prescriptions to Rye Ridge Pharmacy?

A. Bring in your old bottles from your pharmacy

Q. How much will my prescription cost?

A. The easiest way to find out how much your prescription will cost is to call your plan.

Q. When should I reorder my refill?

A. It’s always best to order your prescriptions approximately 4 to 5 days before you finish your medication.

Q. Do I have any refills?

A. On the bottom right side of your bottle tells how many refills you have left and when the prescription expires. You can also click here to refill and view prescription history online.

Q. Why is my copay so high?

A. Your insurance company sets the prices. Some plans have different tiers, consisting of preferred and non-preferred drugs. Some plans also have deductibles. That means you are required to pay the full amount until you have satisfied the deductible.

Q. How do I set up a house account?

A. There is a simple form to fill out. You can ask any cashier for a house account application.

Q. Why does my insurance company require a prior authorization?

A. Some medications are not on their list of approved drugs. Your insurance company wants your doctor to explain why you need that particular drug. It might take a few days to get that approval.

Q. Is there a generic equivalent for this drug?

A. Some brands have a generic equivalent that might lower the cost of your copay.

Q. How can I get a print out of my prescriptions for the past year?

A. How can I get a print out of my prescriptions for the past year?A. You can get a print out of your drug history for any time period. You can request this information on the phone or in person. You may request yours or your minor children. You may not request your spouse’s or any children over 18.